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Child support is the payment or contribution of money made for the benefit and support of the children – the money is typically paid monthly by one parent to the parent with the greater parenting time, but may also be paid to schools, childcare providers, and others depending on the circumstances. The calculation of child support is generally based on specific statutory guidelines (i.e., the Georgia child support calculator) which involves a "Child Support Worksheet" – the Worksheet includes each parent’s income, certain specific costs associated with the children, and several discretionary deviations to the calculation (some of which are very subjective and creative). Ultimately, the child support calculated through the Georgia child support calculator serves as a presumptive determination of the child support obligation and is subject to variations based on many factors including high and low income, extraordinary costs associated with the children, and many other relevant circumstances.

Schwarz Family Law can assist you with all aspects of child support issues, whether through negotiations or litigation. We have extensive experience negotiating and litigating child support.  At Schwarz Family Law you will find the extensive experience and financial expertise to assist you in developing an appropriate and creative (if applicable) child support arrangement.

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