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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement: Services


In all of the positive emotions leading up to marriage, the suggestion of having a Prenuptial Agreement can be a delicate and challenging topic. However, a Prenuptial Agreement is a wise, practical, and affordable protection. A Prenuptial Agreement can serve many purposes including confirming what rights and obligations each party may have if the marriage should, unfortunately, end in a separation or divorce, and identifying what assets and debts exist at the time of marriage and whether those assets become part of the marital estate. Discussion concerning a prenuptial agreement can often clarify and resolve certain apprehensions the parties may have and actually smooth some of the pre-wedding angst couples often experience. Of course, premarital agreements also serve the parties as a road map in the event the marriage does not last and can minimize tensions and costs in the unfortunate event of a divorce.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement: Services


A Postnuptial Agreement is similar to a Prenuptial Agreement; however a Postnuptial Agreement is of course executed after the marriage. A Postnuptial Agreement serves as a viable option for spouses who married without a Prenuptial Agreement or would like to modify their Prenuptial Agreement. There are many reasons a couple may decide to enter into a Postnuptial Agreement including a desire to clarify each party’s rights to an inheritance, a new business enterprise, or to address estate planning matters for children from a prior marriage.  Also, a Postnuptial Agreement is often appropriate when one spouse has had an affair or otherwise behaved inappropriately and a Postnuptial Agreement is needed to provide the hurt spouse security and comfort in agreeing to try to reconcile the marriage. 
At Schwarz Family Law you will find the experience and financial expertise to guide you in addressing complex issues and in considering creative solutions in developing a Prenuptial or a Postnuptial Agreement. Barry Schwarz has an educational and professional background in accounting and finance, has extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, enforcing, and challenging the validity of Prenuptial or a Postnuptial, and is adept at attaining your desired goals.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement: Services
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