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Post Judgment Cases: Services


While a divorce ends the marriage, it creates court orders and agreements that may need adjustment and modification as circumstances change. Although typically involving fewer issues than a divorce case, modification cases involve all of the same negotiation and litigation processes as the initial divorce case. A modification case, particularly one resulting from a parent deciding to relocate a long distance from the other parent or one involving significant changes in financial circumstances, can be exceedingly challenging and contentious. The results of a modification case often have as much impact on an individual and their children as does a divorce case.

Post Judgment Cases: Services


The court orders and agreements arising from a divorce establish rights and obligations as to custody and visitation with the children, financial support of the children and the former spouse, division of property, and many other topics. Sometimes it is necessary to enforce these orders and agreements, and sometimes there is a need to defend against the other person’s claim that you have not complied with the orders and agreements. Such disputes can also lead to the need for a modification of the orders and agreements.

Whether you need to enforce or modify an existing order, or to defend an action for modification or enforcement, Schwarz Family provides compassionate, yet aggressive representation. The law relating to modification and enforcement of final orders is complex. At Schwarz Family Law you will find the experience and financial expertise to assist you in pursuing or defending against modification and contempt actions. 

Post Judgment Cases: Services
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